Re-key locks and ensure your safety

While receiving the keys of a purchased house or car, you need to ask yourself whether these are the only keys. There can be risks inherited with the assets that you buy if the keys have been copied by someone before handing it over to you. Your valuable assets are at the risk of burglaries, break-ins and vandalism. Therefore, it is important to re-key your locks.

How it’s done:

Rekeying locks helps in carrying a lesser load of keys and you can use one key for more than one lock at home, at work, anywhere, without letting anyone know about this. This comes in very easy methods with simple steps to follow. For normal house locks, designed on the universal keying system, any locksmith can rekey it. However, for branded locks, rekeying kits are available at hardware stores. These kits can rekey up to 6 locks at the most but its components can be purchased separately to make the kit work longer for you.

Simple steps:

Once you have the kit in front of you, follow these simple steps:

  • Regular house locks need to be removed using the wire in the kit.
  • Use the retainer ring tool to separate the ring from the cylinder.
  • Remove the cylinder and carefully place the news pins inside the spaces there. Match the color coding on the pins and spaces.
  • After placing pins, reassemble the lock again.
  • If placed in the correct combination, the key fits perfectly well.
  • This method works effectively for the basic 6-pin locks that we usually use around our houses.

Similar kits can be used for the car locks too. The method and steps are almost the same.

A Professional Locksmith can also be hired to do the job .

Rekeying the locks ensures the safety of your valuables from theft and at the same time reduces the burden of carrying multiple keys for different locks.

Durango Locksmithing – The Services Offered

It can be very inconvenient, and not to mention annoying, when you get home late in the night after a long day at work only to find out that you misplaced your keys.


For people living in Durango, that situation can easily be rectified without causing any damage to your door. Many of Durango locksmithing companies provide standard locksmith services in the area. The emergency services are available at any time of the day, or night with no extra costs imposed on the client.

Speedy Locksmith in Durango have been around for a while and therefore understand the seriousness of the emergency. Their technicians have responded to many emergency calls thus making them capable of delivering quick yet efficient services. Their professionals are also legally certified and insured, thereby ensuring quality services with reimbursements in cases of accidental property damage.

The emergency services offered include opening of locked doors, opening of car trunks, removal of broken keys, replacement of keys, duplication of keys, re-keying locks, and opening of locked safes and vaults. Apart from emergency services, Speedy locksmith also offer the following services.

Security Services

Recognizing that security is of high importance, their technicians at Durango Co employ the latest technology to install security systems that are not easy to bypass. These systems include electronic and biometric security systems, digital locks, keyless locks, and buzzer systems. They also offer repair and maintenance of the installed security systems.

Residential /Commercial/Automotive Services

The services offered by Speedy locksmiths for residential homes and commercial premises are; installation and repair of locks, installation of home safes and office vaults, replacement and duplication of keys, and the installation of master key systems, deadbolts, and door knobs.

For car owners, as renowned Durango locksmithing service provider, Speedy locksmith offer installation of high security locks, auto lock repair, VAT/ transponder keys, and installation of keyless systems.

These services are offered in zip codes ranging from 81301 to 81303 of Durango region.


How to find cheap locksmith services

When you have those complex locks that come with instruction books that you have ignored reading, thinking they will be regular turnkey-click-opened, you will soon be running around looking for a locksmith who could charge you a fortune for restoring them.

Cheap, yet quality locksmith services are not hard to find if you are more organized on your bearings. It is always advisable to run a thorough search on the specialized locksmith for the kind of locks you have. It is quiet easy these days as so many locksmiths have registered their services on websites and could be searched state, city, town or neighborhood wise. Also, this type of search is helpful in comparing their rates.

Cheap vs quality services:

In case of cars, some people only know the car dealer and what they quote as their charges leave you aghast. But with intricate lock systems, you cannot afford to risk them with a substandard service because that might need you to replace the lock altogether soon. So it is essential that you are prepared to strike a balance between cost and quality of work.

Running a search beforehand is definitely a savior in that moment of lurch, for you have a list of quality, cost effective services close by. It is always wiser to have a few locksmith contacts saved in your phone contacts – you should save their number if you live in that area Run your search with the keyword cheap because the results will be in the same context. The regular searches show results with a mix of premium and cheap services.

Feedback and reviews:

Paying close attention to customer feedback left on the website works wonders. It helps in making a decision and also gives an idea about the rate and whether they are negotiable or not when you are actually talking to the locksmith for help especially in the case of emergency services in the odd hours.


Remember! Negotiation is an essential art. When you make the call, you must sound patient and never urge them to hurry up because that reassures that you are really helpless and makes you vulnerable to a less negotiable position.